Prosectorium of the Koperski Funeral Company

In order to provide top-quality services, in 2000 we opened our own professional prosectorium and cooling unit. At our prosectorium located at the back of the Żyrardów Hospital – for which we provide our services – the bodies are prepared in the best possible conditions, with due respect to all standards and guidelines formulated by the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, whose supervision we are subject to. Our professional personnel exercises due diligence in providing our services, which is confirmed by numerous training courses completed by our employees, including certified, specialist training courses in the field of thanato-cosmetics, post-mortem care and embalming. Our facility also hosts activities in the area of forensic medicine, including autopsies commissioned by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Żyrardów and Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

Our services include, above all:

  • storage of the bodies in cooling units (with a possibility of freezing),
  • preparing the deceased for funerals, including complete post-mortem care,
  • post-accident reconstructions,
  • embalming.