The Koperski company has been producing coffins since 1937. Top manufacturing quality, classic and modern design and good artisanal skills make our coffins stand out on the Polish market. We also offer bespoke coffins with unique features.

Bespoke coffins

Traditional Polish burial required a coffin to be tailored to the body. The master carpenter, Władysław Koperski, specialised in the coffin-making profession well before the war. Today the Koperski company also prepares coffins for the deceased after previous measurement of body dimensions. The family can select colours, patterns and wood species. The ordered coffin will be made within 24 hours at the Coffin Manufacturing Plant in Żyrardów.

We respond to your wishes by combining traditional artisanal skills with state-of-the-art technologies.

Striving to perfection in any service we provide, we pay particular attention to selecting appropriate personnel. Our assumption is that it is the people who create the company and guarantee its topmost position. We understand how important it is to constantly enhance qualifications of the staff, therefore we offer our employees constant participation in training courses that provide appropriate certificates upon completion.

Employees of the Koperski Funeral Home are specially selected. Their conduct towards the body of a deceased person is always filled with dignity and respect. They do not disturb the bereavement of the deceased person’s family while performing their tasks.


The Koperski company has manufactured and sold coffins for more than 80 years now. All coffins manufactured by our company represent high-quality products. The production process includes both traditional artisanal methods and modern technologies.

The specialist equipment at our carpentry shop allows rapid and efficient work on every order. This is of particular importance, if the family requirements concerning the size and endurance of a coffin are to be met.

We design and manufacture coffins on our own – from the design to the finishing stage. Wood for coffins undergoes our special selection process.

We also manufacture bespoke coffins, with any colours from the RAL palette.

Wiktor Koperski – one of the partners and the youngest son in the family – currently controls the Coffin Manufacturing Plant. Owing to his dedication and consistency, the production line has been modified and the machine park has been modernised recently. The Coffin Manufacturing Plant is at the heart of our enterprise, therefore it is so important to us to cultivate this tradition and at the same time to support the culture of craftsmanship in Poland.

Below you can watch two videos made in collaboration with our friends and partners. In both videos Wiktor Koperski shows the scale and professional character of our production, but also the love for woodwork that is ingrained in our family.