Cremation or traditional burial? – an interview with Łukasz Koperski, Managing Director of the company

I was born into a family that dealt with funeral services. The history of our company dates back to 1937. My father, Władysław, being a qualified carpenter, manufactured coffins as well. After marrying my mother he opened the company. What is interesting is that he managed to obtain the title of master carpenter in 1941, when the war was in full swing. After the war things were no easier, since you were allowed to perform only one type of activity under the communist regime. Secondly, funeral services were provided exclusively by municipal companies. Only in 1988 was the market opened for private enterprises in this field. When I was child I always looked with attention at what my father was doing. When my friends visited me we played hide and seek amid the coffins, while a horse-drawn hearse was our stagecoach.

On the occasion of the All Saints Day an article based on an interview given by Łukasz Koperski, the Managing Director of the company, was published. We encourage you to acquaint yourselves with his remembrances of beginnings in the not-so-easy funeral industry, descriptions of changes that have taken place ever since as regards ceremonies as well as current client preferences.